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Monthly Archives: August 2019

    Perry Homes

    By Cory Kammerdiener | August 15, 2019

    Perry homes was established in 1967 and is family owned and operated to this day. As one of the largest homebuilders in Texas, they attribute their success to the company’s founding values: Commitment to Quality, Exceptions Customer Service, Trusted Reputation, Industry Leading Warranty Protection, Homes Designed for Living and Unbeatable value.  So how does such a... Read More

    A Closer Look at Telfair near Houston

    By Cory Kammerdiener | August 14, 2019

    The Telfair, Texas neighborhood is in the Sugar Land suburb of Houston. Telfair has a great location close to business and employment centers as well as many attractive amenities, restaurants, groceries and retail establishments. What Potential Telfair Real Estate Buyers Should Know Telfair is a reasonably new community having broken ground in 2005. It is... Read More

    Annual Home Maintenance You Should Never Ignore

    By Cory Kammerdiener | August 2, 2019

    After buying a home in Texas, you’ll become responsible for the maintenance. There are certain things you need to get done every single year or you could end up with a big, expensive issue. Here’s a look at some of the most important annual home maintenance items you simply cannot ignore. Summer During the summer... Read More

    What to Do Within 30 Days of Relocating to Houston

    By Cory Kammerdiener | August 2, 2019

    So you have now made the move to Houston, Texas, now what? Do you have a checklist of the important things you need to do now that you have relocated? If not here are some of the more important things to remember. Some seem like no-brainers but with the busyness of packing, moving and unpacking... Read More