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7 Quick Tips to Boost Home Appeal This Summer

Are you considering selling your home this summer? If putting up a “for sale” sign is in the near future for you, getting your home ready is important.

There are many ways to boost home appeal during the summer months. Here are seven tips you can use to increase your home’s appeal before listing it for sale.

Clean Up Your Home

Both the inside and the outside of your home should be cleaned. It’s even more necessary during the current times to make sure your home is thoroughly cleaned.

Make sure you give all indoor areas a deep cleaning including all surfaces, door handles, and all other areas. In addition, you want to deep clean the outside of your home including the patio, deck, windows, siding, and any other areas showing dirt.

Renting a power washer or hiring someone to power wash the outside of your home will go a very long way to increasing the appeal. You may be surprised how much better your home looks once it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Along with cleaning the surfaces, make sure to clean out the gutters, and don’t forget to clean the garage door. These areas can easily get missed.

Stage Outdoor Entertainment Areas

If you have a deck or patio, staging it before taking your listing pictures will help boost your home appeal. You want to make it look inviting and like an area, a new buyer would love to use for entertaining.

Take things a step further and stage the entire backyard. Make sure the grill is cleaned properly and ready for display. Add an umbrella to any seating area that’s not covered.

Of course, make sure any pet toys or children’s toys have been cleaned up. It’s also a good idea to put away any garden tools and make sure your hose is neatly stored.

Take Care of the Lawn

If your grass gets out of control, it could make your home less appealing. You want to provide the most inviting first impression possible. Take care of your lawn by mowing it regularly or hiring a service.

You want the lushest and green grass possible. Using the right fertilizer and regular watering will help during the summer months. If lawn care is something you’re afraid will become overwhelming, hire a good lawn care company to keep up with this task.

Plant Colorful Flowers

A touch of color can really make your home look more appealing during the summer. When a potential buyer walks up to your home, colorful flowers might just put them in a good mood.

You don’t need to go crazy and it’s always a good idea to make sure you plant flowers that will last during the summer. Native plants and flowers are best and you want to make sure you keep them watered.

If you think you might deal with a mosquito issue, consider planting Citronella plants in the front and backyard, as well. These plants will help keep mosquitoes away naturally and add a touch of greenery to your home.

Add a Fire Pit

The entertainment area in the backyard isn’t complete without a fire pit. This is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can add to make your home more appealing. A fire pit will help buyers see themselves entertaining as they roast marshmallows and share stories around a cozy fire.

Make Your Home Private

If you don’t have a privacy fence, adding one to your property is a great way to boost appeal. You can also plant shrubs to create a more visually appealing option for privacy.

It’s best to create privacy in the backyard and leave the front yard more open and inviting. You want to make sure any patio or deck area you have is a bit more secluded to help boost your home’s appeal this summer.

Update the House Numbers

Old house numbers can make a clean home look a bit less appealing. However, if you replace your house numbers with brightly colored numbers, you can make your home more attractive.

Along with the house numbers, consider replacing your mailbox, painting the mailbox post, and painting your front door. These are all very inexpensive ways to add curb appeal this summer.

When you’re considering selling your home during the summer, you should start by making your home as appealing as possible. Use these seven tips and speak to your real estate agent about what you can do to make your home appeal to more buyers this summer.

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