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Choosing the Right Dallas Real Estate Agent: Does it Really Matter?

Buying a home in Dallas, Texas is a big step, especially for first-time home buyers. When it’s time to buy or sell, you need the right Dallas real estate agent on your side. Without the right agent, you could end up making a big mistake costing you thousands of dollars.

Real estate isn’t the easiest thing to understand. Agents spend years honing their skills to become known as the best in their specific area. Make sure you choose one of the best real estate agents in Dallas by using the tips below.

Tip #1 – Reputation Matters

Your agent needs to have a great reputation. If they don’t, you may not be picking a winner.

The reputation starts with how long they have been in real estate, but goes much deeper. Not only should they have years of experience, but they should also be known as a good agent to work with. The last thing you need is an agent that has been around for years, but nobody wants to work with.

Check their credentials and experience before pulling the trigger. In addition, ask for referrals and actually contact the referrals they give you.

Tip #2 – How Busy is the Agent?

Some Dallas real estate agents will take on far too many homes for sale and buyers looking for homes in Dallas than they can handle. They may be the person you interview with, originally, but you end up getting passed off to an assistant or newer agent later on.

Make sure the real estate agent you hire to help you find a home in Dallas isn’t too busy. If they have too many other clients, you may not get the time you truly need. You can even ask if they have time to take you on as a client or if they are too busy. A good agent will give you an honest answer and let you know up front if you will be working directly with them or someone else on their team.

Tip #3 – Interview More than One Agent

It would be nice if you could strike gold the first time you contact a Dallas real estate agent. However, without interviewing multiple options, you really won’t know what one agent may offer compared to another. Make sure you interview at least two, preferably three to five agents before making your final decision.

Ask plenty of questions and treat the interview as if you were looking to hire this person to work for your company. After all, they will be working for you, so you have every right to ask the questions most important to you.

Tip #4 – Choose an Agent for You

Often, first-time home buyers will choose an agent based solely on reputation or on a referral from someone else. This could be a huge mistake!

The agent that worked great for your cousin may not work great for you. Maybe you just don’t click or you don’t get along great. Even something small could turn you off from the agent that worked so hard for someone you knew.

Take the time to ask the right questions and make sure you choose real estate agent in Dallas for you. Don’t just choose someone because they have signs all over the neighborhood and your cousin referred them to you. Make sure the agent fits well with you, what you’re looking for and how you prefer to go about finding what you’re after.

Tip #5 – Hire a Local Expert

Dallas is a big place and the metro area includes many other cities and towns. Finding an expert real estate agent in Dallas isn’t enough. You need a local expert.

You wouldn’t want to hire a local real estate agent specializing in the area of Mesquite if you’re buying in McKinney. No, you’d want to hire an agent with experience and local knowledge of the homes for sale in McKinney.

Before you hire an agent, make sure you have an idea of where you prefer to live. If you prefer Downtown Dallas, hire an agent specializing in this area. If you prefer to live in Frisco, Texas (Dallas Suburb), hire an agent specializing in this area.

Tip #6 – Make Sure Your Agent is a Closer

You don’t want an agent not known for closing deals. When a real estate agent doesn’t have a reputation for closing deals, it means they either don’t do a good job of negotiating or they simply don’t match the right home with the right buyer.

If you hire the wrong agent, you’ll find the home buying process to be closer to a nightmare than a dream. However, when you hire an agent known for closing deals, you’ll live a little closer to dreamland. Make sure your agent has a strong reputation for closing deals.

When your Dallas real estate agent knows how to close, it means they are a master at negotiations. It also means they know how to navigate the uglier side of home buying and selling. This is the person you want on your side protecting your investment and helping you find exactly what you desire in your next home.

Tip #7 – Check the Online Reviews

There’s so much information found online today that some buyers actually buy a home sight unseen because they found it online. You can do this with an agent, as well.

While interviewing multiple agents is important, doing your due-diligence online may be even more important. Real estate agents, by nature, are salespeople and may be able to talk the talk in an interview. However, the online reviews will speak the truth and they cannot talk their way out of them.

Check the major real estate websites for reviews posted from past clients. Make sure the agent not only lives up to their own claims, but will also do the work for you the way you prefer. Online reviews will tell you more than just how good or bad Dallas real estate agent is, according to past clients.

By looking at both the good and the bad reviews, you can find out if the agent is consistent, honest, works hard for clients, better at selling than buying and so much more. Look for the longer online reviews to find out more details about the agent you’re considering hiring.

Whenever you decide you want to buy or sell a home in Dallas, the first step will always be to find the right Dallas real estate agent. With a good agent on your side, the process will run smoother and you’ll enjoy this exciting moment much more.

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