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High-Value Interior Remodeling Projects to Do Before You Sell

The housing market has been in a frenzy for the last two years, and homeowners new and seasoned all see what this means: updating now can lead to an even larger payout. So if you want your property to shine amongst the competition and sell faster and for more money, it’s a good idea to put in a little work. 

These are the best high-value interior remodeling projects you can do before you sell and the impact it will have on your home. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint 

Most prospective buyers care more for the paint and aesthetics of a home than they’ll admit. Ugly out-of-date wallpaper, or paint in hues that are an acquired taste rather than a soothing spa green, will quickly leave a bad taste in a buyer’s mouth. It’s important that the paint is clean, fresh, and leaves the property feeling brand new, even if it was built in the 1800s.  

You can DIY this project to save some money, but make sure that you do it well. Painting is such an easy low cost fix but it will be make a big impact with a great return on investment. Look up how to repair drywall after removing wallpaper, and heavily research the best way to apply painter’s tape and paint so that the ending result comes out professional. This may take time, but the return is worth it. 

New Windows and Doors for Insulation 

National heating and cooling bills have been on the rise, and buyers are nervous about what this means for their future properties. These shoppers are already staring down the monthly bills of a mortgage, homeowners insurance, and maintenance. If you can offer them well-sealed windows and doors that are recently installed, the decreased electricity bills will make their choice easier when purchasing a resell home. This is an especially strong selling point in areas that are prone to storms or tornadoes. 

Add Smart Items to the Property 

Modernizing properties further by adding smart gadgets can be a smart move. Of course, you don’t have to throw in a Roomba with the price of the home, but you should add things like electric heating options, a smart thermostatsmart doorbell, and possibly even smart lights. These little additions that will automate parts of their lives will give homeowners a chance to save money in electricity bills and feel like they’ve tangibly improved their life, especially if they’re coming out of an apartment. 

If you do buy smart items like this, make sure to keep any warranty and usage information available to pass it on to the buyers. This is a great way to ensure they don’t have to call you to seek it out after they’ve bought the property. 

Updating the Details 

This is a smaller update: but it spreads over the entire home. Smaller details like cheap yellow-gold colored doorknobs, or ugly rusting faucets, can quickly add up to an entire property feeling out of date. Instead, update these details so that buyers will feel like the entire property is new and impressive.  

The main things you should focus on updating are doorknobs, faucets, light fixtures, wall plates, knobs on cabinets, and anything else that catches the eye. These updates may feel small, but they’ll change the feeling of the entire property. If buyers think that a property is worth more, even if it’s not, they’ll be more likely to get into a bidding war. 

Give Your Bathroom A Complete Remodel 

Bathroom remodels are a must regardless of how long you’ve lived in a property. If a bathroom is out of date or is older, the room can have an ick factor to it, since buyers will be thinking about who’s lived here previously, rather than what their life would look like living here. 

Consider a renovation with black bathroom fixtures for a sleek and modern look and neutral soothing tile and wall colors to allow the space to feel like a spa. Making the room feel new and untouched will enable buyers to look past the fact that it’s been used. 

A Mini Kitchen Makeover Earns More 

Many assume that a kitchen makeover should be massive to pull in a large profit: but smaller kitchen makeovers bring in a better return on investment compared to larger remodels and updates. This could mean repainting the cabinets, upgrading the kitchen with a stainless steel sink, redoing the flooring, or replacing a couple of the appliances but not taking it so far that you strip the entire room down. Design changes, like shiplap in the kitchen, can make a space feel updated and gorgeous without making you spend a ton of money. 

Small Changes Can Create a Massive Change 

Whether you’re flipping a home for the first time or you’re selling your home, it’s a good idea to look at the big picture: but the details are where the money is. Pay attention to which portions of the house you want the buyers to notice, and put in the work to create a space that anyone would love to live in: and you’ll sell your property faster than you’d believe. 

Skylar Ross is a contributor to the Innovative Building Materials blog. He is a content writer for the construction and home improvement industries with an interest in landscaping, outdoor remodeling, and interior design. Skylar is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability, and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.  

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