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How to Tell if a Homesteading Retirement is Right for You

When considering retirement everyone’s idea of the good life varies. If you find the ability to live off the land and your own hard work compelling then a homestead retirement might be the right fit for you. However, not everyone has the drive – or indeed, the ability – to make homesteading work. 

At New Home Programs, we strive to make sure everyone can find their dream home, and knowing what your dream life looks like is a major part of that. If you think homesteading might be a good way to live out your golden years, here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure it’ll be a good fit:  

Are You Self-Motivated?  

Retirement signals freedom, and means you’re no longer obligated to someone else’s wants, needs, or whims. When you retire from your career, you’re empowered to make your own way and define your path. When it comes to homesteading, however, you have to have the self-discipline to make that path a successful one.  

This would be a great fit for someone who might be interested in going into business for themself in retirement. If you’re drawn to the idea of creating an Texas LLC and selling homemade goods or homegrown produce, then this may be the right call. It can also be a good move for someone who simply enjoys working but would prefer to do it on their own terms. However, you have to be willing to work, otherwise a homestead will be a wasted investment and, indeed, a major resource drain.  

Do You Love to Host?  

Homesteaders tend to be natural hosts who love to have friends and family come and enjoy their fresh food and sweeping scenery. If you have family members or close friends you would want to have over on a regular basis, this is another sign you’re likely a good fit. Look for a property with enough room to hold you and visitors comfortably, whether that means spare bedrooms or even a small guest house.  

This is especially true if, though willing to do the work, you’re not especially interested in selling goods. It’s surprisingly hard to grow only as many crops as you personally need. In fact, some crops, such as zucchini, are notorious for over-producing. It’s vital to have a strong social network of friends, family, and visitors in order to make sure those veggies get used while they’re still good enough to eat!  

Are You Interested in Raising Animals? 

Let us be clear – not all homesteaders raise animals, and it is far from a requirement to do so. However, starter livestock such as chickens or rabbits can be a great way to increase your self-sufficiency and make good use of your property’s acreage. If you think you’d like to raise animals, research the process beforehand. For example, chickens who are well-cared for tend to lay more eggs, meaning you get more out of your investment.  

This research should start well before you invest in a homesteading property, since it will determine which areas will and won’t suit your needs. Zoning laws strictly regulate where homeowners can and cannot raise livestock. Make sure you investigate which areas you’re interested in will let you have the animals you’re considering to raise – you wouldn’t want to move in only to discover your backyard chicken dreams are over before they even begin.  

When deciding if this is the right lifestyle for you also look into financing options. Most properties with land that is outside the city qualify for a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loan. To see is an area or specific property is eligible for a USDA loan we recommend contacting our in-house financing Department, Motto Mortgage Borrowers First

These are just a few of the points you should consider when it comes to pursuing a homesteading retirement. You should also take a explore other types of retirement – to make sure which is the best fit for you. If homesteading is right for you, it could provide a wonderful, fulfilling way to live out your golden years.  

If you’re looking for an ally on your hunt for the perfect home, contact New Home Programs today! 888-907-3334 

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