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Moving with Pets

Moving to a new home may be exciting but it can also be a stressful event. As you prepare for the move you forget where things are placed, boxes are everywhere, and your frustration level begins to rise. During this time you may not realize how this transition is affecting your pet. They pick up on our emotions and are affected by changes in their daily routine. Below are some tips for an easier and safer move with your pet to a new home. 

Before moving make sure your beloved pet has an up to date collar with contact information. That way if they become spooked and dart off or squeeze through the door while others are coming and going you can be contacted. Even the most loyal well-mannered pets get the jitters with all the commotion. 

On moving day, it is best to secure your pet in a crate or isolate them to a room. Many find this hard as we can hear them scratching at the door or moaning to come out. However, confining them helps reduce their stress by not being exposed to all the movement and sounds, as well as the possibility of escaping. 

If you are traveling long distance to your new home, make sure to pack plenty of food and water beforehand. That way you will not have to search for it during the trip or once you arrive. 

When you arrive make sure your new home is pet friendly and pet safe. Check the backyard to see if there are any holes or loose boards in the fence where they could possibly get out. 

Fish respond strongly to stress so moving can be very traumatizing. If the trip to your new house is relatively short than you can place the fish in a bag filled with its tank water. However, when traveling a long distance it is best find your scaly friend a new home. 

Birds also tend to be jittery with all the chaos on moving day. So, make sure your feathered friend is secured to a cage. Placing a sheet over the cage to obstruct their view from all the movement can also reduce stress. 

Make sure Guinea Pigs are in a small, warm comfortable carrier during transportation. They are known to suffer from change and being jostled around, their heart is particularly susceptible. 

If you know in advance that transitioning to your new home will take several days, consider letting a family member or friend pet sit. That way you have a chance to get things setup, limit the opportunities of escaping, and lessen stressful exposure to your pet. 

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