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Perry Homes

Perry Homes Houston TX

Perry homes was established in 1967 and is family owned and operated to this day. As one of the largest homebuilders in Texas, they attribute their success to the company’s founding values: Commitment to Quality, Exceptions Customer Service, Trusted Reputation, Industry Leading Warranty Protection, Homes Designed for Living and Unbeatable value. 

So how does such a large company ensure that every home is of quality and exceptional value? Perry Homes implements a Value Built Commitment that is a 5-step process and standard for every house that is built.  

Step 1 is a superior design. Open concept floor plan designs join the main living spaces for modern-day living. You will be able to spend more time with your family and multi-task. With this arrangement, you can take advantage of every square foot.  Also, just like clothes some architectural styles go in and out of fashion. With Perry Homes’s application of traditional architectural style, you will be left with a timeless design. This is a great feature when updating or preparing for resale.  

Step 2 is a Trusted Reputation, for this one let’s look at some simple math here. Quality homes + happy homeowners = Good Reviews. In today’s market, people do their research and check company reviews before committing.  Over 50 years Perry Homes has relied on customer satisfaction to build trust and a positive reputation.  

Perry Homes Houston TXStep 3 is Green & Energy Efficiency. Materials that are durable, sustainable and/or made of recycled materials are incorporated throughout the houses. A certified independent inspector assigns a HERS® rating (Home Energy Rating System) to ensure each house is conserving energy. The commitment to being green is not only environmentally responsible but also reduces utility costs, which can add up to big savings over time.   

Step 4 is a Multiple Step Quality Assurance. It’s in the name, multiple inspections are conducted during and after the building process. Building codes and Perry Homes quality standards are verified along the way.  

Step 5 is Industry Leading 2-year Warranty. Products in the home carry a manufactures warranty. Workmanship is covered for the first 2 years starting from the purchase date. This includes HVAC, plumbing countertops, flooring, paint, and hardware. There is a 10-year warranty that covers structural and foundation if problems were to arise. 

Purchasing a new house from Perry Homes is even smarter now! Perry Homes has partnered with some of the top home device companies to make your life more convenient and safer. New homes come standard with configuration and installation of the smart devices. Nest Thermostat which can be adjusted from any location, provides report usage and has proven to help save energy. Life will never be the same after using the Nest video doorbell. You can answer your door from any location using your phone. No more being surprised by undesirable visitors. The Genie garage door opener also allows you to operate from almost any location with Wi-Fi integration. Leviton light switch can be set on a schedule or changed remotely to activate the lights. So, no more worrying if you left the lights on while rushing out the door. This could also be considered a safety feature when used as a deterrent for unwanted guests when you are out of town. Have you ever started backing out of the driveway then you remember you forgot something and needed to run back in, but the car was just starting to cool off? Well, now you can keep the car running and access the house with the newest Kwikset Door lock with keypad.  new home programsSo let me ask, do you like quality products? Do you like helping the environment while saving money? Do you like convenience? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should most definitely consider buying a Perry Homes house. If you are ready to start the home buying process contact today. We will educate and walk you through the home buying process from beginning to end.

Communities with Perry Homes in the Houston Metropolitan Area: 

Perry Homes Houston TX

Photos courtesy of Perry Homes.

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