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San Antonio Named as One of the Best Cities for Accessible Living

With about 20% of Americans living with a disability, accessibility has become very important. Some cities are known for an accessible living, while others are not. San Antonio just happens to be in the top ten on the list of “Top 10 Most Accessible Cities of 2018”.

San Antonio Top 10 Most Accessible Cities of 2018

The city landed in the ninth spot on the list. This list was compiled by looking at what the city offers for the disabled as far as accessibility in housing options and throughout city attractions, restaurants and more. It’s also based on how many accessible home listings were found in 2017, the median home sales price and the percentage of those living in the city with a disability.

Throughout 2017, San Antonio, TX has 5,267 accessible listing hit the market with a median home sale price of about $232,000. More than 10% of those living in San Antonio has a disability.

The city has made improvements to become one of the top choices for accessible living, as well. The sidewalks are wide and many attractions have become ADA-compliant. The San Antonio River Walk is ADA-Compliant, along with the Alamo and many other top attractions in the city.

San Antonio is the most accessible city in Texas. The bus service in the city or VIA offers discounted fares and priority seating for anybody with a disability. It’s easy to use and navigate and the city is filled with disability-friendly parks and recreational areas.

The Botanical Gardens, Missions National Historic Park and San Antonio Museum of Art are all ADA-compliant, as well.

Other Cities ADA-Compliant

While San Antonio didn’t take the top spot in the country, it was the only Texas City on the list. Here’s a look at the rest of the list.

  • DC Metro Area
  • Salt Lake City
  • Tampa
  • Portland
  • Tucson
  • San Jose
  • Vancouver
  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore

It’s quite a good sign that San Antonio made it in at #9 on the list. Those looking for a home in San Antonio that offer accessibility will have plenty of options to choose from. If you hire the right local real estate agent, you’ll have someone on your team to help ensure you find the right home in San Antonio for you.

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