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Top Suburbs to Buy a Home Across the Country

Finding the right place to call home isn’t usually an easy thing. When you’re seeking the right city to live in, you may not actually want to be in the city. Many families want to live in a suburb of a larger city and for good reason.

Calling one of the top suburbs across the country home means you get the best of both worlds. You gain access to big city amenities, but you also get to enjoy the peace and privacy only a top suburb can offer. If you’re considering moving, maybe it’s time to consider one of these top suburbs across the country.

Wilshire Heights, Dallas

With a population of just about 1,900 residents, Wilshire Heights in Dallas is one of the top suburbs in American. The average home is a bit expensive here at about $420,000, but the public schools are also considered to be above average.

More than 85% of the homes are owner-occupied and the area is known for the urban feel. The suburb is also close to many great shopping and dining options.

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Taylor Lake Village, Houston

Another suburb found in Texas, Taylor Lake Village is a great choice found in Houston. It has a population of more than 3,600 residents with a very suburban feel. The average home runs about $215,000 and about 88% of the homes are owner-occupied here.

Taylor Lake Village is known as the best suburb to buy a house in all of Texas. It’s also listed as the fifth best place to buy a house and the seventh best place to retire in Texas, according to

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Palma Ceia, Tampa

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Moving on to the state of Florida, Palma Ceia is a great suburb to buy a home near Tampa. It has a population close to 6,000 residents with the average home going for nearly $420,000. The urban fee is very appealing and the schools are known as some of the best in the area.

Audubon Park, Orlando

Another top suburb found in Florida, Audubon Park is close to Orlando. It’s known for very good schools and affordable housing. About 4,100 residents live here and the average home goes for about $268,000. The urban feel is a big draw, as well.

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Preston Highlands, Dallas

This list of top suburbs to buy a home across the country could easily include about 8 from the Dallas area. Dallas has a number of great suburbs and Preston Highlands is another great one. This neighborhood has a population of about 4,400 residents with the average home selling for about $318,000.

White Rock Valley, Dallas

Dallas makes the list again with White Rock Valley offering a great suburb outside of the city. It’s larger with a population of about 8,300 residents. Homes in this neighborhood average about $343,000 and White Rock Valley is known for excellent schools

Harbour Island, Tampa

Tampa offers many great suburbs and Harbour Island is one of them. Known for great schools, excellent nightlife and an urban feel, this suburb is home to more than 4,000 residents. The homes go for an average of $325,000 here, but there is a higher percentage of renters, too.

Shady Hollow, Austin

Found in one of the fastest growing places in the entire county, Shady Hollow is a great suburb outside of Austin. Nearly 4,900 residents are found here and the average home goes for $317,000. The suburban feel is a big draw, but families move here for the highly rated public schools.

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Many great suburbs are found all across the country. These choices offer some of the best options very close to some of the top cities in the country. Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Orlando and Austin are all very popular destinations for those seeking jobs, great housing and a vibrant place to call home.









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