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For Home Sellers

The typical home owner will live in their property for 5 to 7 years before they decide to sell. It is very rare these days for a home owner to reside in the same home for 30 years as economic factors and family changes will dictate the person’s future living arrangements. understands this well and we are always looking for suitable properties to present to our prospective buyers.

Ready To Sell

your-selling-laptopAre you ready to sell your home? If so, you may have a long road ahead of you in today’s challenging real estate market. With the foreclosure sales creating a burden on home values, the real estate market for sellers can be worrisome and very nerve racking. But there is HOPE!

Listing Your Home is a BUYERS representative firm which means our primary business is working with home buyers who are anxious to purchase a home of their own. At any given time, we may have hundreds of qualified home buyers in your town or city who are ready to purchase your home. With this being said, we would like the opportunity to give you a FREE Comparative Market Analysis of homes which are currently on the market for sale in your community as well as homes that have recently sold.

A free consultation with one of our Realtor® will include:

  • FREE Comparative Market Analysis
  • Government home down payment grants your home may qualify for if purchased by a First Time Home Buyer or Military Veteran
  • Tips on increasing the value of your home
  • How to purchase your next home using government second time home buyer programs

SHORT SALES – If you are in danger of a foreclosure sale, please contact us IMMEDIATELY! We work with real estate investors and attorneys who may be able to stop the foreclosure process and negotiate with your mortgage lender to purchase your home. We will then prepare you to purchase your next home in 24 months from the date of the short sale.


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