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Galveston County Real Estate Counties of Texas

Galveston County has been a part of Texas since 1838. Part-coastal plains, part-island, this county was an important region for the state because of the early developments of ranching/farming communities and the ports in Galveston and the Bolivar Peninsula. Galveston County has had a recent growth spurt in population since 2012 and now has estimated population of 329,431 (2016). The opening of new shopping centers, family attraction parks, and local business developments are the cause of the county’s recent growth.

The largest city in Galveston County is League City, and its county headquarters is in the city of Galveston. Other cities and towns in the county include Bayou Vista, Clear Lake Shores, Hitchcock, Santa Fe, Dickinson, Jamaica Beach, Texas City, Friendswood, Kemah, and La Marque.

Much of the economic development found in Galveston County in tourism, retail, marine businesses, and open land for farming. This setting combined business attracting conditions and a spark in infrastructure has equipped the county with steady population growth. It was once known for having the “Wall Street of the South” (in Galveston) and is the opening to Texas import/export trade with four different deep-water ports. Industrial and manufacturing plants are also a part of its economy and provides many jobs in the county. Parks for hiking, sight-seeing locations, regular seasonal festivals, and coastal theme parks attract many families and tourists to the area from Texas and other parts of the nation.

The Median Household Income in Galveston County was $55,322 in 2016. The Average Sales Price of homes in this county was $221,745 for 2016.