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Grimes County Real Estate Counties of Texas

Detailed with rich history and landmarks from the birth of Texas, Grimes County was formed in 1846, and it was named after an early settler and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Jesse Grimes. A place where 27,140 people call home, Grimes County features some of the best landscapes and nature parks in the area for hunting, and fishing; including historic sites, tourism, and the state renown fall Renaissance Festival in Plantersville.

The largest city in Grimes County is Navasota, and its county headquarters is in the city of Anderson. Other cities and towns in the county include Bedias, Iola, Todd Mission, Richards, Roans Prairie, Plantersville, and Shiro.

Grimes County’s economy consists of mainly health care and education, followed by retail trade and manufacturing. Some agriculture, hunting and fishing, mining, and construction are also important to jobs in the area. Due to its rural condition, much of Grimes County is open for cattle and farmlands and it has been that way for a long time. Recent tourism and business developments have made Grimes County a target for the high-speed rail that will connect Houston to Dallas and other parts of the state.

The Median Household Income in Grimes County was $47,839 in 2016. The Average Sales Price of homes in this county was $119,739 for 2016.