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Hunt County Real Estate

Hunt County is made up of 840 square miles located in northeastern Texas. Greenville is the largest town and holds the county seat, 51 miles from Dallas. The area had ideal growing conditions for cotton but limited transportation options. The remote farms were tended by local farmers and their families. Once the railroad system was constructed it facilitated the transportation of local goods. The economy faced several ups and downs, but cotton crops continued to be integral. Hunt County tried to become more diversified with industrial operations, but their efforts would provide results until decades later. Now in the twenty-first century, that initiative is reflected in the economy with agribusinesses, manufacturing, and educational facilities. 

If you are considering relocating or purchasing a home in the area there are several loan types available including a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loan. Contact a mortgage loan originator to find out what are the best loan options and what you may qualify for. 

Median household income $49,319 

Cities in Hunt County: 

  • Caddo Mills 
  • Cambell 
  • Celeste 
  • Commerce 
  • Greenville 
  • Josephine 
  • Hawk Cove 
  • Lone Oak 
  • Neylandville 
  • Quinlan 
  • Union Valley 
  • West Tawakoni 
  • Wolfe City