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Walker County Counties of Texas

Walker County was settled in the forested hills of east-central Texas. It has a population of 67,861 people. Walker County is made up of the Huntsville Micropolitan Statistical Area and the Houston Woodlands Combined Statistical Area.  

With the city of Huntsville serving as the county seat. Also found within the boundaries of the County are the cities of New Waverly, which is in almost 55,000 acres of National Forest, and Riverside, which is at the Trinity River. 

The County has 802 square miles as its total area, which is made up of mostly land at 784 square miles and only 17 square miles of water. Walker County is bordered by Houston County in the north and Montgomery County in the south. While it’s eastern neighbor is San Jacinto County and at the west is Grimes County. 

Walker County Texas Real Estate

The median home value in the county is at $152,300, which is significantly lower than the national rate. While the Median Rent price for the county is $908 which is also lower than the National Median rent price of $1,062. You can get a good home for a more affordable price than in other parts of the country. Also, there are many areas in Walker County that qualify for a USDA loan (United States Department of Agriculture). This specialized loan can be beneficial for financing and finding out how much house you can afford. Contact our in-house financing company Motto Mortgage Borrowers First to find out if a specific area or property qualifies for the USDA Loan.

Walker County Texas Community 

Huntsville and other parts of the Walker County are great places to live because of the tight-knit and caring community. It is a quiet and peaceful place to live and raise a family. The community in this county has a small-town vibe that is warm and welcoming, so if you’re tired of all the hustle and bustle of the city, this would be a perfect place to unwind.  

Walker County Texas Hidden Gem Attractions 

Walker County provides various scenic parks and forests to explore. There is the Sam Houston National Forest and the Huntsville State Park, both of which offer great nature treks that could be fun for the entire family. There are also museums like the Sam Houston Memorial Museum and the Texas Prison Museum that offer visitors a glimpse of Walker County’s past.  

Huntsville Texas

If you are a homeowner that is looking for the rural option, maybe property with land, but still wants to have the convenience of the city, then moving to Huntsville in Walker County would be perfect for you. The city has a small-town feel that is very welcoming and warm for new residents, while still being a large enough city to meet all of your needs.

Huntsville features multiple educational facilities and schools including Sam Houston State University. Residents have the option to obtain a higher education and commute, saving money on room and board. As such, your kids won’t need to leave Walker County to have quality education, as it is already available within the community. Huntsville also has a 7,000 square foot public library. 

Things to do in Walker County Texas

New homeowners might have moved to Walker County because of its peaceful and relaxing lifestyle away from big cities. However, Walker County still has its fair share of fun exciting places to visit and activities for the family. For example, there is the P-6 Farms, where kids can go on a hayride, ride cars, and explore a maze. Another examples of fun activities include horseback riding from the 2E stables and meeting elephants at the Texas Elephant Experience. For individuals looking for some excitement, there is the 1097 Watersports where you can go kayaking, boating, and jet skiing. 

Living in Walker County Texas

Walker County is not just a peaceful place to live in, it is also a developing and fast-growing real estate area. People looking for a rural atmosphere and a close-knit community will love having Walker County as their home. If you go real estate hunting in Walker County, you can find your ideal home while still getting more affordable and cost-efficient prices compared to other areas around the country.