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With more than 2 million current active real estate licensees in the United States of America, you must wonder if real estate sales can be lucrative career opportunity. You know, 2 million people must have thought so.

At, we believe that becoming a REALTOR® working in residential real estate sales is the best opportunity ever to exist for people who want to control their financial futures.

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  • The start-up cost can be as little as $1,000 (Real Estate Classes & State Fees)
  • No need for previous work experience or college degrees
  • The income potential can exceed $90,000 per year by simply selling 1 home per month
  • Even though you will work for a real estate firm, you do not have set working hours
  • You can work from home and take advantage of the IRS home office deduction on your income taxes
  • Spouses and partners can work together to increase income and spend more time together
  • Lucrative individual retirement accounts “IRA” for being self-employed

As you can see, the benefits offered through a career in real estate are just awesome!

If you or someone you know is looking to start an exciting career in real estate, we would love to speak with you. Through our partnerships with national real estate course providers, we can now offer online real estate classes at affordable prices.

Visit us online at to see state guidelines, courses and even videos on how you can start a new and exciting career!

To learn more about working with, please visit our JOIN OUR TEAM page.

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Start a Career in Real Estate


My husband and I just left the seminar armed with so much relevant information that was presented in military and layman language. Cory the owner is military and very knowledgeable and spoke on programs to help in ownership, credit, types of mortgages and the home search. We would have like to talk to Andre to get started but I will be getting in touch soon! Thanks for the armor now we are ready to begin.
Liz Adams - November 12, 2017